COVID-19 Updates

     Scary things are happening in our world. And unfortunately, that means changes need to happen. Events are not looking too good. And more events may need to be postponed or even canceled. If you do know how your event might change please provide me with any information, and we can sort things out. But there are other things than your event, and you have plenty of time to sort these out. If you have already scheduled an event, you will be contacted about a month before your event regarding changes that need to happen. If you have already chosen what you will do, please email me. I am truly sorry for anyone who had their event canceled as well as postponed or downsized. Use this time to keep yourself healthy both mentally and physically, maybe try something new, or just spend some more time with your family. It is sad that important things have been canceled, for me, my school play was canceled, but we looked on the bright side and realized that this is just an opportunity to take it in a new direction. And that's what we did, we produced the entire show online. (If your curious to see how that turned out, use this link, So for those of you who have had dramatic changes, look on the bright side, and see if you really can try again but a little differently.

(While following social distancing rules, DJ Games are unavailable)

Outdoor Movie Projection is a great alternative while social distancing. Click Here to Learn More

Stay Safe and Healthy,


TJ Schultz

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