As our favorite stores and restaurants begin to open, and we return to a new normal, TJ’s Technology Services is bringing back something we have been without for quite some time.  Starting on July 20th, outdoor movie projection will be available again. To learn more, contact TJ, or click on the link below. 


Outdoor movies are a great alternative to bring people together without having to be under the same roof. TJ’s Technology Services will provide both sound and video, including a 2.1 sound system, a large 120” screen, and a 1080p projector. All I need is a power supply and a media device and a movie.


What’s this media device?

A media device can be a Laptop, a DVD player, or even a Gaming Console, as long as it has an HDMI output.


To learn more please contact TJ, or see the form below.


  • Details:

    • Projection Events

      • Setup:

        • Setup takes about an hour and a half and needs about a 14ft wide area for the screen and speakers with about 6ft behind the screen for a table, sub, and myself. The projector can be moved around to suit the venue most efficiently, while being out of the way, and takes up a small footprint but requires wires to be run to it, and needs to be in front of the screen.

      • Price:

        • Both setup and break down time are free. I charge $100 for the first two hours of the event, and for every hour after that, adds $10.

    • Hybrid Events:​​

    • For anyone that wants a DJ and an outdoor movie at the same event, that is still possible but has some specific details. 

      • Setup: 

        • Setup will take two hours, and the DJ will be placed behind the screen for the entire event. Lights and DJ Games will not be available, as well as customizable table cloths. Although the Sub-Woofer will be highly recommended. During the DJ session, the projector will not be in the way but will require at most 10 minutes for a transition of DJing to the Movie Projection.

      • Transition Period:

        • The transition period is at most 10 minutes of transition from DJing to movie projection. The projector will need to be set up, and sound inputs need to change, and for part of the transition, music may stop.

      • Price

        • I charge $200 for the first two hours of a hybrid event, and every DJ hour is another $25, and every Projection hour is another $10. With both DJing and movie projection, packages are not available. (ex. The event starts at 5:00, DJ plays till 8:00 and runs a movie until 10:00, this event will cost $245)


Remember That TJ’s Technology Services Will Not Supply a Movie, And Must Be Supplied With Some Sort Of Media Device With An HDMI Output. I Also Recommend Downloading The Desired vs. Streaming It, Please Plan This Prior To Setup Time.

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